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Press Release – Advantage Public Services aims to drive out costs and drive in income

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Advantage Public Services aims to drive out costs and drive in income
Press Release – 16 November 2014

A newly-formed agency, Advantage Public Services, (APS) aims to offer a different approach to providing resourcing services that challenges the efficiency of current providers on price, performance and quality.

Headed by David Clark, former Director General of SOLACE (the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers), APS works with organisations in the private, public and third sectors to provide a range of services that are uniquely packaged to meet the client’s needs. “Organisations used to have to separately hire consultants, recruitment or interim management providers, communications and events companies, as well as freelance writers,” says David. “Now, through APS, they can do it all in one place from an organisation which has a deep understanding of the public sector’s needs.”

APS also works with senior management teams to deliver commercial assessments that explore what business approaches might mean for an organisation and whether they are appropriate. “In working with people from different industries what really strikes home is that each has something to give the other,” says David. “Too often management careers are siloed in one sector or another and little cross sector learning takes place. APS are passionate about breaking down some of these barriers. Our unique experience allows us to deploy people who have commercial insight, sector expertise, and the knowledge of what is possible in a local authority or public sector setting.”

David Clark has led organisations within the public, private and charities sectors and has worked directly with over 200 local authorities. He is joined at APS by two notable public sector entrepreneurs: John Smith, formerly of Tribal Group and MSL International, and Capita founder Rich Benton. Together, Advantage Public Services places commercial thinking and customer awareness at the centre of organisational thinking through assessments, training and the provision of key people on an interim, part-time or full-time basis.

“Our people are experienced, enthusiastic and knowledgeable,” says David. “For the busy Chief Executive looking to drive out costs and bring in relevant business expertise, we can offer a real advantage.”

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