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Local Government and the wider public sector

As budgets tighten and service demands expand, most Councils are looking for radical new ways to approach public services. Many local authorities would like to adopt a more commercial approach. But what does that mean? Even councils who feel that they have adopted commercial models have quite a varied approaches.

Here at Advantage Public Services we believe we can help. Working with Senior Management Teams, Councillors and others we can help you examine what a commercial approach might mean, and help you deliver it if that is what you want. Our people have significant private sector expertise, and local government and public sector understanding. We recognise that the public sector and local government in particular are political worlds where simply applying standard business practices may not always work. So what can we do?


We can supply interim managers for any senior role in the public sector, but we specialise in supplying ones who can bring a commercial approach to your authority. This is not just about management practices but about culture too and our people understand this.


We can provide senior private sector executives to mentor either whole management teams or individuals.


We can provide training events, delivered in house and co designed with you, that look at what being a commercial council might mean. It can cover a lot of ground but will always have a focus on what cost control means in the private sector, examine the different approaches to risk management and look at decision making processes. Our people all have experienced both the public and private sectors. We do not hold a view that one is better than the other, but we do say that everyone can learn something

We can tailor make a proposal, based on the above elements that can be matched to your council’s needs and budget. If you are interested then send a message or call us on 0113 816 0237.